Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Be Ready Belize (Team Canada 1) Day One - Cave Ranch River

Day one began with morning devotions. Our verse was 1 Peter 3:15, our theme verse for Team 1: "...Be ready to give an answer to everyone that asks for a reason for the hope that is in you..." Most of the first day was planned so that the Canadian team could get acquainted with the Belizean youth that joined our team. It was a rough start as the van that belongs to Grace Chapel broke down! We had to rent a second vehicle for a day to ensure that the young people from Belize could join us. It was a late start but we finally made it to Jaguar Paw, a park about 50 kms outside of the city. This park includes cave tubing on the Cave Ranch River. The team hiked up river for about an hour and then floated through caves, one of which was over a kilometer long! It was so refreshing; the water was crystal clear and we had a picnic on the river bank.
In the afternoon the team, now about 20 people with our new friends, fanned out all over 8 Miles Community with flyers advertising the soccer camp and VBS. It was very special to meet some of our young friends, some of whom the youth mission of 2006 worked with. Then we all went to Grace Chapel for prayer meeting. The team sang some special pieces together and Rob Armstrong shared his testimony. After a good visit we went to "Lee Chees Chicken", a very popular fried chicken take out. So we ate supper at 9 pm at a park by the Caribean Sea! It was a great way to end a very full day. As I write this note the team is sleeping.... I'm hoping that the roosters don't start crowing too early!

Thank you for visiting and please keep praying.....

Sean O'Byrne for the team
Philippians 1:21

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