Friday, March 31, 2006

Romans 2 - The Guilt of the Hypocrite...

The Legend of the Indonesian Farmer
An Indonesian farmer was returning to his village when he suddenly stopped on the jungle trail and stared ahead with growing alarm. Lying across his path he could see a tiger’s tail and, looking carefully, he could see that the tail belonged to a very large and very fierce tiger. This tiger was waiting for him. Acting on impulse the farmer put down his scythe, ran forward and seized the tiger by the tail. With an angry snarl the tiger tried to free his tail, but the more he roared and plunged, the harder the farmer held on.
The struggle went on for a while, and then, just as the farmer felt he could hang on no longer, who should come along the path but an Indonesian holy man. The holy man stopped, surveyed the scene with interest and was about to pass on when the farmer called to him.
”Dear holy man,” he cried, ”please take my scythe and ki8ll this tiger. I can’t hold on to it much long.”
The holy man sighed. ”My friend,” he replied, ”that I cannot do. I am forbidden by the rites of my religion to kill any living thing.”
The farmer renewed his failing grip. “But holy man,” he said, “don’t you see that if you fail to kill this tiger then it will kill me. Surely the life of a man is of more value than the life of a beast!”
The holy man folded his arms in the depths of his flowing robe. “About that,” he said, “I cannot speak. All around me in the jungle I see things killing and being killed. I am not responsible for these things, neither can I help them. But for me to kill…as, this I cannot do.”
Just then the tiger gave a vicious snarl and a furious pull on its tail. Sweat poured from the farmer. The holy man prepared to leave. “Dear holy man, “sobbed the farmer in despair, “doesn’t go! If it is against the rules of your faith to kill this beast, at least come and hold it’s tail while I kill him.”
The holy man paused and considered. “I suppose I could do that,” he conceded at last. “There can be no harm in holding the animal’s tail.” Cautiously he approached the infuriated beast and joined the farmer in holding on to the tail. “Do you have him, holy man?” panted the farmer. “Do you have him fast?”
“Yes, yes,” said the holy man, “but hurry up before he gets loose.” Leisurely the farmer brushed off his clothes. Slowly he picked up his hat and put it on. With great deliberation he picked up his scythe. Then bowing to the holy man the farmer prepared to leave.
“Here, where are you going?” demanded the suddenly alarmed holy man. “I thought you were going to kill this tiger.”
The farmer paused, folded his arms in the sleeve of his coast and sighed. “Dear holy man,” he replied, “you are a most excellent teacher. You have completely converted me to your most noble religion. I can see now how wrong I have been all these years. I cannot kill this tiger, for it is against the rules of our holy religion. As you have taught me, all around us in the jungle we see things killing and being killed. We are not responsible for these things, but for us holy men to kill, as you say, this cannot be. I am now going into the village yonder, so you will just have to hang on to his tiger until some coarser soul comes along not so motivated by the high ideals o our holy faith. Perhaps you will be able to convert him too, as you have converted me.” And with this parting shot, the farmer left!

Sunday, March 26, 2006

As Arrows (Psalm 127)

In the Bible we read that children are a heritage from the Lord and that they are like arrows (Psalm 127). Verse 4 states that if you have a quiver full you'll be happy. We only have two arrows in our quiver, and I can tell you: if you have two teenagers you'll have an empty fridge!!! I think the lesson for us, though, is as parents we need to POINT THEM IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION AND THEN LET THEM GO.

So, here is Rachel: 13 yrs!

With her friends in Northern Ontario roasting some wieners in the bush.
Also, with her Oma (Oma = "Grandma in German)

Happy Birthday Rachel! We love you!!!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Book of Romans

Hi again,
I know I promised some shots of our daughter's B-day, but I'm just going to take this oppoprunity to post our current study outline for our series of messages at Northside Bible Chapel here in Barrie. We have just begun a series of talks on Paul's letter to the Romans. This is a suggested outline to follow along... (adapted from Weirsbe's Expository Outlines of the New Testament)

ROMANS – God’s Good News
Key verses: 1:16,17
Theme: The Righteousness of God

1) INTRODUCTION – (1:1-17)

a) Salutation (1:1-7)
b) Explanation (1:8-17)

2) SIN – (1:18-3:20) Righteousness Needed

a) Gentiles guilty before God (1:18-32)
b) Jews guilty before God (2:1-3:8)
c) Whole world before God (3:9-20)

3) SALVATION – (3:21-5:21) Righteousness Imputed

a) Justification stated (3:21-31)
b) Justification illustrated in Abraham (4:1-25)
c) Justification experienced (5:1-21)

4) SANCTIFICATION – (6-8) Righteousness Imparted

a) Victory – The Flesh (6)
b) Liberty – The Law (7)
c) Security – The Spirit (8)

5) SOVEREIGNTY – (9-11) Righteousness Rejected

a) Israel’s past election (9)
b) Israel’s present rejection (10)
c) Israel’s future restoration (11)

6) SERVICE – (12:1-15:13) Righteousness Practiced

a) In the church (12)
b) In Society (13)
c) Toward the weaker believer (14:1-15:13)

7) CONCLUSION – (15:14-16:27)

a) Paul’s faithfulness in the ministry (15:14-21)
b) Paul’s future in the ministry (15:22-33)
c) Paul’s friends in the ministry (16:1-23)
d) Final benediction (16:24-27)

Monday, March 20, 2006

Is that James Bond or does that thing have wings?

March break is over and the kids are back in school. We thought we might post a shot or two of what Jeremy and Rachel were up to. The break took us back to Northern Ontario where we were hit with a blizzard! Sean was to speak at our home assembly but the meeting was cancelled! As you can see from the picture, Jeremy loved the snow leftover from the storm. The other news, of course, is that Rachel turned into a teanager yesterday! That's right, 13 years old! We will post some pics of her unique outdoor party next....

Nice to be back in blog land.....


Monday, March 06, 2006

Mrs. Barrow

Meet Mrs. Barrow. Pictured here with me and the Timmins boys, she was the one who donated the property for the 8 Miles Community Bible Chapel when her husband died. It was very special to see her at the grand opening. You could see her joy as she stepped onto the sidewalk leading to the newly renovated building. Her joy overflowed as she stood and sang "to God be the glory, great things He has done" with the other believers at the dedications. We thank God for her vision to dedicate the property to the Lord's work.

Let's continue to pray for the workers there doing follow up, including James and Chantal Edwards and also for the plans for future teams.