Thursday, August 31, 2006


Saying goodbye is never easy. This afternoon the team played an informal match of soccer with the children of 8 Mile. Canada was leading 8 to 4 but Belize scored after we said, "next goal wins!" Then it was time to say our farewells and many of the kids hugged us and asked when we're coming back. In a matter of hours the team will board a flight that will end this mission and take us back to our seperate lives. As I enjoyed an evening of fellowship and stories my mind wandered to Psalm 126; "...we were like them that dream. Then was our mouth filled with laughter, and our tongue with singing...The LORD has done great things for us; whereof we are glad."
This morning a two hour drive took us inland to Xunantenich, an ancient Mayan ruin. What a delight it was for Vera and I to sit, looking out over the lushous green landscape below. In the distance we could actually see Guatemala and we rejoiced to be on the field together again. It has been a great privilege and blessing to lead such a keen group of young people to Belize. They worked hard and well together and we are glad that the Lord has a plan for each of their lives. Maybe His purpose and plan will include another trip to Belize. Certainly this trip has changed us and we will take home many glad memories. -To Jesus Christ our Lord be all the glory-

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Tract Distribution in Belize City

Hello people in Blogland! Our internet connection was down for 2 days but is back. We just returned from another gospel meeting at Berea in Belize City. The believers served refreshments and thanked the team for their labours. Tomorrow we are hoping for clear weather for the trip planned to see some Mayan ruins. Here is another pictoral update of Team Canada in Belize...

The team folding and stamping tracts at Grace Chapel

The team had opportunity to distribute hundreds of tracts; most eagerly accepted literature donated by Gospel Folio Press. There were a handful of drug addicts, communists, hecklers (Holly even got proposed to), antagonists and prostitutes. Thank God for His amazing grace.
Ben shares the gospel with people on the street in Belize City. This fellow read the tract from start to finish out loud on the spot!
Ben meets Jimbo
"Make sure you grab behind the neck real tight... and don't forget the tail!"
Rachel meets Vicki
Children at DVBS closing programe sharing some songs they learned with their parents
Team Canada with youth group in Belize city. Ben had some wild games and the girls sang some fun songs
Jessie, Mackenzie and Tiffany coolin' down after a blazing hot day handing out tracts in Belize City.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Team Canada at Shark-Ray Alley

The final day of VBS at 8 Mile was a fun-packed time for all. The team even got to play a freindly match of soccer with some of the kids after the programe. On Thursday we were able to pick up another six children from the little community across the highway. The crafts that the team shared with the kids were a huge hit. The leaders put on another great skit and each boy and girl recieved prizes for all their hard work. Tomorrow there will be a special meeting for thier parents to come and see what their children did and to meat the team.
Today the team went to a little island called Cay Caulker. Many of the team shorkled for the first time ever right beside the largest living coral reef in the world. The outing included swimming with sharks and rays at "Shark-Ray Alley". After a good rest we all went to the youth group in Belize City. Team Canada provided the singing, skits and a craft and two of the team shared their testimonies. It was really special to see the youth listeing with interest as Thalia and Joanne shared how they got saved and how God is working in their lives to overcome challenges and give victory in situations which are common to youth in any country. Tomorrow we have a full schedule of meetings so we will sign off. Praise the Lord for His love and care over the team (1 Peter 5:7). We hope you enjoy a few shots of the team in action...
Team Canada gets a "hands-on" experience with the rays
One of the Nurse Sharks at "Shark-Ray Alley"
Last day of VBS at 8 Mile

Sharing with the youth group in Belize City
Prize time at 8 Mile!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

8 Mile DVBS, Days 1 and 2

Hi again! Our internet connection was down last night so we must hurry to try to get these latest pics online for our praying friends. Forty one children came out for the first day of DVBS at 8 Mile. The team is really working well together and the Lord is blessing their various gifts and talents to reach these boys and girls with the gospel. Today, when the rain stopped briefly, the team went door to door in another nearby town to invite more kids to the program tomorrow. Sunday we plan to have all the parents come and join us. Hopefully tomorrow our connection will be here again so we can share more blessings in Belize. Thank God for our connection to heaven through our Lord Jesus Christ which is alway open. "Let us therefore come boldly before the throne of grace to find mercy and grace to help in time of need." (Hebrews 4:16)

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Mr. Cane plays "Jesus Loves Me"!

Greetings from Belize! Ben fixed our internet connection so we can post a few shots of day 1 at 8 Mile. We began the day in the Word. The team is surveying John' gospel each morning before breakfast. Some yummy pancakes helped us as we proceeded with brainstorming and planning the VBS for 8 Mile. Before lunch the team finished decorating the chapel and in the afternoon the team went door to door to invite the kids. In the evening the team joined the saints at Grace Chapel in Belize City. After meeting we enjoyed a scrumptious meal of fried chicken by the Caribean Sea. The highlight of the day was presenting Mr. Cane with a new accordion. Mr. Cane has played almost every hymn known to man since the 1950's and his old accordion was very tired. A dear brother from our assembly in Barrie donated a beautiful accordion and it was a true blessing for us to present it to Mr. Cane and hear him play "Jesus Loves Me". I hope you enjoy the photos below and then pray for the team. Tomorrow will be our first day with the kids of 8 Mile. Thanks for visiting our blog,

Team Canada

Thalia and Ben playing with some kids who can't wait for the club to start.
Some of the many young people of 8 Mile
The team breaks into groups to cover the community with tracts and flyers. The Christian literature was donated by Gospel Folio Press.
Tiffany (left) with team going door to door with literature and invitations to the VBS. Tiffany is a young Belizean believer from 8 Mile. She has joined our team part time.
Ben inviting some boys to the VBS
The team with Mr. Cane and his new accordion at Grace Chapel in Belize City

Monday, August 21, 2006

How beautiful are the feet!

How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news of peace and salvation, the news that the God of Israel reigns! —Isaiah 52:7, NLT

Greetings from Belize! The Short-term Youth Team has arrived safe and sound, pictured here at the Leslies enjoying spaghetti. Our day began at 2:50 a.m. in Ridgville where Mr. Edwards (jr & SR.) drove us to the ariport in Buffalo - Many thanks to them and the saints at Ridgeville for helping us on our way. Our journey took us across the skies (via 3 airports) and the team of ten are now resting thier beautiful but weary feet. We stopped in at 8 Mile on the way and the team had a look at the facilities and we're anxious to get started tomorrow, decorating, visiting and inviting the precious children of 8 Mile. Thank you in advance for your prayers.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Make a joyful noise!

DVBS at Northside concluded today. Some 25 kids attended and recieved well earned prizes for their efforts in memory work etc. The effort was a great blessing and a success and we hope to hold another one next year, Lord willing. Thanks to all the helpers, you did a super job! Our last post did not include the excellent "singing". So, here is a shot of Andrew and Aaron, my helpers in praise for the week - Good job guys! "Make a joyful noise unto the LORD" (Psa 100:1).

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

VBS at Northside: Day 2



Memory Verse