Thursday, January 22, 2009

Back to the Bible

As mentioned by The New York Times, “The Bible that Lincoln was sworn in on was not the family Bible, which was packed away with his family’s belongings still en route from Springfield. So William Thomas Carol, Clerk of the Supreme Court, bought this Bible specifically for Lincoln’s swearing in ceremony on March 4, 1861.”

With millions of others around the world I watched as Obama became the 44th president of the USA. I was amazed to see the actual Bible that was used for Lincoln's Oath of office. (It was an Oxford by the way).
In my reading this morning I came across this: "When Queen Victoria was asked the secret of England's greatness, she took down a copy of the scriptures and said, ""This Book explains the power of Great Britain.""

What a great reminder that we and our neighbors built our nations on faith in God and His Word! Let's get BACK TO THE BIBLE!