Thursday, September 20, 2007

Christianity Explored (CE) at Northside Bible Chapel, Week 1

Last night was the first evening of CE, a ten week course that explores Christianity using the Gospel of Mark. The turnout was very encouraging as about ten guests came out. With the leaders and helpers there were well over 20 people who enjoyed the meal. Jeremy and Rachel and others helped with the Childcare and Homework club, so that participants can bring their children if necessary. Each Wednesday evening we will have group discussion, a DVD series and find out from Mark the answers to three basic questions: who Jesus is, why He came, and what it means to follow Him. By the end of the sixth week participants will have read the whole Gospel of Mark!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Hurricane Update from Belize

This just in from Belize...

"Hello Bro.Sean,

Christian greetings to you and yours,
Just these few words to give you an idea of what's happening here in Belize. Hurricane Dean did pass our way and Corozal was indeed hit hard. People lost their houses , had no food, lost power,lost jobsand were in bad shape generally. No loss of life,however.The Church put togeher some relief supplies in the form of food items and distributed them to the few Believiers in Corozal. No damage done to the structure you put up there in Corozal. Praise the Lord1

However, we are currently expecting another hurricane to hit possibly the center of the country or the southern districts of Belize by early Wednesday of this week. Hurricane Felix is now a category 4 hurricane and is expected to do considerable damage to at least the southern districts of Belize. People are presently being encouraged to seek higher ground before the hurricane makes landfall somewhere between Belize City and Honduras. There are long lines everywhere as people are desperately trying to stock up on food supplies building materials , fuel for their vehicles etc.

In the next few days we might be able to give you some real meaning ful details.

Yours in His service ,
Bro.Norman B Small Sr. "

Grace Chapel Church
14 Amara Ave. Belize City,Belize
Phone #: 501 227 0589
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