Thursday, November 09, 2006


Today we feature "Tiffany" of 8 Miles, Belize. We first met Tiff on previous missions and the last Youth Mission, 80% of which were young ladies and women, adopted her. She stayed with and worked with the team for 10 days. The 1st photo is of Tiff and her little brother, Jusitin (left) and Dion. The 2nd is a shot of her helping with the "Set Sail" DVBS at 8 Miles. As part of our follow-up to this mission the team wanted to help Tiffany go to school. Some ladies of Grace Chapel (Belize City)have started by helping her get enrolled and paying some of her tuition, books and uniform etc. The team is presently working on sending her the remainder needed for her to continue her studies.
Let us pray for her now..."Dear Lord, bless Tiffany in her walk with You. We pray that she would be able to continue her studies so as to be able to serve and honor You better. Thank you for the privilege of knowing and helping her. In the name of our Lord Jesus, Amen."