Monday, August 18, 2008

Basketball Tournament - Belize City Day 1

Day one of our very first basketball camp featured some spectacular play by the youth of Belize City. Both Canadian teams are running two day tournaments. We were not sure how many would show up or how it would go, but by mid morning there were 5 teams playing under the blazing sun. Tomorrow evening, after the results are all in, we plan a special outdoor meeting for awards, singing and testimonies and the movie "Facing the Giants".
Rob explaining the rules of play to the first teams to sign up.
The city of Belize has given team Canada use of the court free of charge. Located directly behind Grace Primary School, it is ideal for outreach to the community.
Some jaw-dropping layups!
Rob organized the three-on-three tournament. The champions will win a brand new Nike baskeball.
One of the players wowing us with his skills
One of the coaches commented that the Belizeans knew and played by the rules (better than some Canadians!)
Some umbrellas were purchased to prevent some scorekeepers from fainting in the sun
Supper by the Caribbean Sea by moonlight

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