Friday, August 20, 2010

One tired team takes one day to relax, Beliezean style!

Caye Caulker, Go Slow... so reads the landing as you get off the boat on the little Island off the coast of Belize. But before we get to our last day, please allow me to share how the rest of the mission unfolded.
The combined Canadian/Belize youth enjoyed 4 days of VBS with the children of 8 Miles. There were over 50 in attendance by the end of the week. On Thursday night a special meeting was held for the parents and to award the kids their prizes and awards. The little chapel was packed with some standing outside. After a recap of the week's activities everyone enjoyed a slide show. By the roar of laughter and squeels it was obvious the kids got a real charge out of seeing themselves on the big screen. On Tuesday and Wednesday nights the team joined the saints at in Boom and Belize City again for their midweek prayer meetings. Sean spoke on Psalm 19 and Nico sang a wonderful song. On Wednesday Ed Plett shared a message from Colossians 1 and emphasized the need to pray for one another. After some fellowship and refreshments, the young people all met at the town basketball court for some hoops. The Canadians were schooled! It was way too hot, but enthusiasm and adrenaline took over as half the assembly played until 11 p.m. It was a very special time for the Belizean youth to share 'their game' with us Canadians. I think the score would have been different had we played floor hockey!
Today was our last day and we went to Caye Caulker. The pictures below show the surf and sun, the beauty of a tiny Island just a 50 minute water taxi ride from the city. It was a perfect way to end our two week youth mission to Belize. Our bags are just about packed and already exuberant stories and memories abound. In just a few days the Portal Village team members will share their report. I am confident that they will take their experience home and it will impact them and others for the glory of God.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Exhausted Team Recharges...

Since our last update...
Every now and then the steady hum... whir.. of the 12000 BTU window AC unit and various fans are interrupted by the squawk of a Perot, bark of dogs or the roar of a bus rumbling down the road. Most of the team is flaked out, completely exhausted and recharging. The little AC unit just makes the apartment a little more bearable. The activity would not normally wear out energetic youth, but the extreme heat and humidity sap you of all vitality. The siesta after today's first day of VBS was a welcomed break after the last few days.
The movie night was a great success with almost 100 in attendance at Bethany Chapel in Boom to view To Save A Life. The team joined the saints at Boom on Sunday and shared ministry in song and from the Word morning and evening.
On Saturday the combined youth left early in the morning for the 2 hour drive to Xunantunich, some Mayan ruins near the Guatemala border. After some sandwhiches and lots of cold drinks the team went to the Cave Ranch River for a guided tour. We walked through the jungle along the river then rode on inner tubes on the river through a series of caves, some of which were a mile long! (The first photo is of Thirza with a new friend - not poisonous of course!)
This morning the youth from Boom met us at 8 Miles where we held day 1 of VBS. Thirty seven kids came and enjoyed meeting the Canadians and playing the games. We had to improvise a bit as it was too hot to be outside - the first time I've seen kids not play soccer because it was too hot!

Friday, August 13, 2010

BelCan Youth Mission -- Boom & Western Paradise

The pictures below show progress of our BelCan (Belize/Canada)youth mission to Belize, and just maybe how incredibly hot it is here. The work project at Grace Primary was completed. The young people worked so hard to clean out 5 classrooms, paint and wash windows and desks. It was hard work, but everyone had fun painting and getting to know each other. The team attended prayer meetings at Grace Chapel in Belize City and Burrell Boom and participated with testimonies and ministry in song. On Thursday the BelCan team gathered for prayer at Bethany Chapel in Boom before door-to-door work. The team then fanned out across the town distributing tracts and flyers advertising the movie that will be shown tonight in Boom. The Velasquez's treated the team to delicious local dishes including Gibnut. Then, in the evening all the youth met for a rally in Boom. Today the team gathered again, this time in the town of Western Paradise to distribute flyers for the VBS to be held next week.One of the shots below show Ed and Richard going door-to-door. After a little down time to recharge, the Canadian youth are organizing the VBS program for next week and then we will go to Boom to show the film "To Save A Life". Thank you for praying and stayed tuned for more blogging from Belize...

Monday, August 09, 2010

Canada/Belize Youth Mission 2010 (Day 1)

Greetings from Belize! The Canadian youth mission 2010 is underway! Below is an early report from one of the leaders. I've posted some photos of the 1st day of work at Grace Primary School in Belize city.

Hi there! Here we are in HOT & HUMID Belize City. Our flights went well, we arrived just before noon on Saturday. Long lineup at customs; they almost made us pay extra for the Bibles & VBS prizes we had brought along, but we told them it was for kids meetings at Grace Primary, and that was the key (it's a well-known, reputable school here) - so they waved us through. Our host was there to pick us up. We had a Belizean fast food lunch, stopped by the school, did some grocery shopping, then headed to the home where we are staying. Everyone got to bed fairly early Sat. night.
Sunday we spent the day with the Burrell Boom assembly - morning & evening meetings, and we spent the afternoon with one of the families from the assembly.
Must run - it's 7:00 am and they're waiting for me so we can start our morning devotions, then breakfast and off to the school.