Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Auburn Youth at Burrell Boom - Day 2

The Auburn youth enjoyed the challenge of the excellent turnout for VBS at Burrell Boom. Fourteen kids from a neighboring village have brought the number of campers to over 60. The children practiced with drills and played lively games. Esther taught origami and the team is sharing Bible stories through skits. The children who are usually quite rambunctious were riveted to their seats as Chance, Jessie, Amy, Jeff, Rylan and Derry acted out the story of Adam and Eve. The memory verses helped to reinforce the lesson. Tomorrow we will be inviting the parents to a special evening of awards, special music and a movie. Here are a few shots of the team; notice the smile beaming from the guys as they try and catch Chance with the 'futball'...

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