Saturday, March 10, 2007

Team Canada at Cay Caulker etc....

e-greetings to our praying friends in bloggerland! Here are a few shots of our mission as we continue to enjoy Belize. Most of the team is here at the Leslies resting after a day at Cay Caulker, a tiny island off the coast. We are having so much fun working, fellowshipping and enjoying the sights. There have been setbacks. Bob Hoover from Bancroft was bitten by a scorpion the other day - it was hiding in his workboot! He is fine; he actually insisted on going to work after we got him some medicine. Also, Janie slipped in the shower at the Dr's house. Please pray for her as she is in a lot of pain.
Other than that the project is pregressing very well. The pictures show Jeremy trying his hand at laying a few block with his uncle Derry. Mark is seen at the top of the wall as they place the last row of blocks on the wall. Next week we hope to finish the cement work and put the roof on. One of the shots pictures the team enjoying a hard earned meal on the island of Cay Caulker.
Tomorrow we will be at several assemblies with some of the team members speaking and shareing testimony. In the afternoon we will visit 8 Miles where the previous team helped renovate the building into a little chapel. All of us will be joining the saints at Bethany Gospel Chapel in Burrel Boom for a gospel meeting. Let us keep this wonderful news of God's love for us in Christ ever at the centre of our hearts and lives.
Now, it is late and others are waiting to check e-mail. Thank you for visiting our blog and stop in again sometime soon. We appreciate your prayers.

Sean on behalf of the team....

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