Monday, March 26, 2007

Flooding in Bolivia

I just got a call from my good friend and missionary Enoel Suarez. A couple of years ago I went to assist him in the work in Bolivia. He has been in Canada on furlough with his family for almost a year now. He just called me bacause of the desperate situation in his country. They have had terrible flooding since January (see exerpt from website below). Doctor friends of his have called asking for his help; they need antibiotics, children's vitamins and parasite medicine and people to help. Just returning from Belize it would be hard for me to go, but I'm willing and praying.

Bolivia Floods Update: shelter for the homeless

The devastating floods continue to cause devastation and mayhem in much of Bolivia, with almost 70,000 families falling victim to the effects of "El NiƱo". The climate phenomenon of heavy rainfalls and floods has meant thousands of children and their families have had to flee their homes and are at severe risk of disease.

Months of heavy rain have affected the whole of the Latin American country, although the rural districts of Santa Cruz and Beni have been most severely hit, with 17,000 families and almost 13,000 children affected.

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