Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Tract Distribution in Belize City

Hello people in Blogland! Our internet connection was down for 2 days but is back. We just returned from another gospel meeting at Berea in Belize City. The believers served refreshments and thanked the team for their labours. Tomorrow we are hoping for clear weather for the trip planned to see some Mayan ruins. Here is another pictoral update of Team Canada in Belize...

The team folding and stamping tracts at Grace Chapel

The team had opportunity to distribute hundreds of tracts; most eagerly accepted literature donated by Gospel Folio Press. There were a handful of drug addicts, communists, hecklers (Holly even got proposed to), antagonists and prostitutes. Thank God for His amazing grace.
Ben shares the gospel with people on the street in Belize City. This fellow read the tract from start to finish out loud on the spot!
Ben meets Jimbo
"Make sure you grab behind the neck real tight... and don't forget the tail!"
Rachel meets Vicki
Children at DVBS closing programe sharing some songs they learned with their parents
Team Canada with youth group in Belize city. Ben had some wild games and the girls sang some fun songs
Jessie, Mackenzie and Tiffany coolin' down after a blazing hot day handing out tracts in Belize City.

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