Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Mr. Cane plays "Jesus Loves Me"!

Greetings from Belize! Ben fixed our internet connection so we can post a few shots of day 1 at 8 Mile. We began the day in the Word. The team is surveying John' gospel each morning before breakfast. Some yummy pancakes helped us as we proceeded with brainstorming and planning the VBS for 8 Mile. Before lunch the team finished decorating the chapel and in the afternoon the team went door to door to invite the kids. In the evening the team joined the saints at Grace Chapel in Belize City. After meeting we enjoyed a scrumptious meal of fried chicken by the Caribean Sea. The highlight of the day was presenting Mr. Cane with a new accordion. Mr. Cane has played almost every hymn known to man since the 1950's and his old accordion was very tired. A dear brother from our assembly in Barrie donated a beautiful accordion and it was a true blessing for us to present it to Mr. Cane and hear him play "Jesus Loves Me". I hope you enjoy the photos below and then pray for the team. Tomorrow will be our first day with the kids of 8 Mile. Thanks for visiting our blog,

Team Canada

Thalia and Ben playing with some kids who can't wait for the club to start.
Some of the many young people of 8 Mile
The team breaks into groups to cover the community with tracts and flyers. The Christian literature was donated by Gospel Folio Press.
Tiffany (left) with team going door to door with literature and invitations to the VBS. Tiffany is a young Belizean believer from 8 Mile. She has joined our team part time.
Ben inviting some boys to the VBS
The team with Mr. Cane and his new accordion at Grace Chapel in Belize City

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