Thursday, January 26, 2006

Streets turned to rivers in Belize City


Greetings from Belize!! Here's a shot of the whole team, tired, but well fed at Berea Chapel where James and Chantal are staying for 3 months.

Bob and John made quick work knocking out one of the partition walls inside.

Before we can make forms for the sidewalk we had to install a culvert at the front of the property.

Bob is cleaning up excess re-bar

During supper it poured and poured buckets, and buckets. When Shanon went to drive us home..... the streets were like rivers!

The team got a good start on the project. We purchased lumber and supplies to reinforce the roof rafters so that we can remove the centre wall. If it is not too wet we will begin forms to pour the sidewalk. On Sunday the team plans to split up, visiting 3 or 4 different churches for ministry and gospel.

Please pray for continued safety and for sunshine!

Thanks for visiting our blog. Time to try and get some zzzzz's if the roosters don't keep us up.....


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