Friday, November 18, 2005

Books I'm Reading

Earlier we reported on the 17th annual Ottawa Valley Missionary Conference and Fred's keynote address. Here is a shot of his book, "Letters Missionaries Never Write". A summary of what the book is about in his own words from his website (

"Our ministry to missionaries over many years has given us considerable insight into their lives, emotions, and burdens. Letters Missionaries Never Write is a collection of fictional letters we believe reflects the challenges, feelings, and temptations of missionaries. These letters, often thought, but seldom if ever written, will give you a glimpse into the lives of missionaries who, just like us, are ordinary people. This book will guide you in praying for missionaries. 155 pages."

I'm just starting the book, but I find myself indentifying very much with some of these letters. Some of the titles include...

A Missionary Candidate
A Short-Term Missionary
A New Missionary
A Missionary on furlough
"Shipwrecked" Missionaries
A Failed Missionary
A Missionary Widow

Reading this book will invigorate your prayer life. I think you could find a copy through their website.

Praying for you!

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