Saturday, August 16, 2014

A Proper Perspective

A certain copy of the Constitution of the United States was once executed in superb penmanship by the hand of an artist. In some places the words are all cramped together, while in others they are spaced far apart. Looking at the manuscript closely, there seems to be little reason for such a spacing of the words. Standing back, however, and looking at the production from a distance, the artist’s purpose becomes clear. He not only wrote out the Constitution but also portrayed the face of George Washington, his cramped and spaced-out words forming lights and shadows on the page.
Thus it is with the Bible. The creation of the stars is covered in Genesis 1 in five short words: “He made the stars also.” Yet the story of the tabernacle is spread over some fifty chapters of the Bible. All we know of the life of Jesus between His birth and His baptism is covered in a single page of Scripture. Yet page after page is devoted to genealogies which perhaps appear endless and pointless to us. We ask, “Why such an uneven choice of subject matter?” The answer becomes clear when we take a survey look at the Bible. Woven into all the Scripture is the perfect portrait of God’s beloved Son.

Exploring The Scriptures, by John Phillips, pg. 11

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