Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Belize Medical Mission - Day 1

"Lord, thank you for this awesome opportunity to be missionaries to these people!" This was Ethan's prayer, giving thanks for supper this evening. Ethan is Dr. Paszko's 14 yr old son who is part of our medical team in Belize this week. Ethan's little prayer reminded me of the thrill that flows through you when you experience contact with another culture with the gospel - there's no substitute!
Working at the community center in Burrell Boom, a rural community 20 minutes from Belize City, the team attended to 81 patients. At station 1, Pam and Laura received patients and took vitals. Then patients were seen by Dr. Paszko from New York.
At the third station Bill and sometimes myself provided a check up for the soul. We tried to see if there was any way we or the Christians at Bethany Chapel could help with spiritual matters. We asked if they attended a local church or if they had a Bible. We shared simply from John's gospel how the Lord Jesus came to heal us of our greatest disease, sin. The last station, the pharmacy, was run by Mrs. Paszko. The team has basic medicines including antibiotics to give them. By 5 pm the doctor was dead tired and we called it a day. Tomorrow we plan to hold a special outdoor meeting in the park for everyone.

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