Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Team Workers

TeamWorkers (TW) is a new practical missionary support initiative which is emerging from the Relief and Development Committee of MSC Canada. Point your browser to


Be sure to check out the PROJECTS link to see current projects that are planned for 2008. On the site TW explains their purpose and goals...


To relieve/assist missionaries and full time Christian workers of their maintenance and building work
To encourage North American Christians by involving them in mission work


To build new or extend existing schools, camps, church buildings, children's homes, hospitals to support the gospel work
To build homes for displaced people following disasters
To build homes for missionaries and workers
To assist with water wells and systems
Irrigation schemes
Saw Mills
Grain grinding mills
Electrical Generation – Solar, Wind, Micro Hydro
Solar-Thermal water heating
To provide more advanced technical solutions to enhance communications, reduce operating costs, reduce time spent on maintenance of equipment

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