Friday, October 12, 2007

Honk Honk!

Have you looked outside lately? The seasons are changing. I like the sound of Canada geese honking; it gives me a nice feeling inside. I don't know why, but some time ago I learned a facinating lesson about these amazing animals....

Think of migrating birds that fly in a formation. Those who study bird behavior tell us there is a reason for this. They fly faster because the ones in front break the wind for those coming behind. Those in the lead get tired sooner, but the ones that follow can fly with less effort.
You may have noticed them chattering along. Bird watchers say this is a way of encouraging those that are in the lead so that they keep up the swiftness and don’t slow down – “honk, honk, don’t give up!”
Now, there is something interesting that happens when one of those birds falls to the ground. Two of the strongest and healthiest birds fly down with it and keep it company until its full recovery. Once it is able to fly again, they catch up with the formation, which has reduced its speed for the benefit of those that had to stay behind. God teaches us a powerful lesson through nature. It is amazing to think that many times we who can talk, who can communicate do not make this principle work.

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