Monday, June 05, 2006

Guelph Bible Conference

I know our Blog has been dormant, but not for lack of material. I should have reported on the night of prayer at Northside or the Workers and Elders conference in Oakville. Life seems to be going too fast, even to update a blog!!
However, I thought I should tell you about my latest excursion with Jeremy. This past weekend the 50th annual Men's Conference was held in Guelph. I have been going to this conf. since I was saved in 1985. This time my twin brother Derry went with us and my son came for the first time. We enjoyed a great weekend of fellowship, food and great ministry. Joe Reese spoke on the Lordship of Christ and Alex Strauch (author of Biblical Eldership) spoke on Leading with Love. We renewed many Christian ties with other men who God has used in our lives. A highlight for me was Dr. Jim Rennie's seminar on "7 habits of a highly effective father". Of course, it is beyond words to describe how happy I was to have my son along with me. We played floor hockey on Saturday night which reminded my of my age!
Now I am looking forward to celebrating our 17th wedding anniversary! Vera and I were married on the same weekend as the men's conf. 17 yrs. ago. She doesn't mind celebrating it after the conference because I usually come home encouraged by the mountain-top experience that the annual conf. is. Praise the Lord!

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