Saturday, April 22, 2006

Vaillancourt's View

"Phheww, I'm bushed!!!" Bob Vaillancourt and Leighton Hartley after pouring cement at 8 Mile Community Chapel in Belize.

Bob's home assembly, Grace Bible Chapel in Timmins, Ontario publishes a Missions Newsletter. He recently submitted an article regarding the value of short term missions. I blog it for your consideration:

Laborers for the

Why Short Term? - Robert

Valid concerns have been
expressed about the value of short
term efforts. These include the
cost involved in traveling for only
a few weeks or months; the
limited contribution a person can
make without knowing the
language; the questionable
commitment of some who wish to
be involved for a short term.

On the other hand, there are
potential advantages which should
not be overlooked:

• we live in a smaller world in
which travel is so much easier;
• more Christians, whether
students or retired people, have
time available in which to serve;
• many of those who have gone for
a short term have become more
aware of the needs and of the
Lord's desire for them to be
involved in longer term service;
• just as John Mark was a servant
to Paul and Barnabas (Acts
13:5), thus facilitating the work
in which they were involved, so
today there are support
activities which can be done

• by those who are willing to
help for a short time as
handymen, builders,
mechanics, teachers etc.;
• many missionaries have
expressed an interest in short
term workers. (Taken from
MSC website)

Not all of us are called to full time
missionary work. We can all do
our part in the Lord’s work. There
are opportunities aplenty for short
time teams.

There is much need for
evangelism, construction,
encouragement and assistance to
full time missionaries. Not all are
capable or even able to go on
these teams but prayers are
needed for teams to come forth
and also for the success and safety
of the teams.

“The harvest in truly GREAT, but
the laborers are FEW, PRAY ye
therefore the Lord of the harvest,
that He would send forth laborers
into the harvest” Luke 10:2.

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