Saturday, February 11, 2006


Say {Soo-nan-two-nich} (Not, "Soon have an itch"!)

Xunantunich is located across from San Jose Succotz, a few miles from the western border. The partially-excavated and largest pyramid, El Castillo, rises 130 feet above the main plaza and offers an impressive panoramic view of the Belize's Cayo District and nearby Guatemala.

The team in special rain gear ready to scale the ruins. Bob is upset and pointing at the place where my umbrella is getting him wet (like we were dry!!! Ha, Ha!)

A hand powered ferry is used to cross the river just before the ruins

The rain never let up but did not detract from the spectacular view, cuaght here by James and Chantal

It is a mystery what exactly happened to the Maya civilization. It is evident from their calendars and engineering that they were quite advanced. I wonder how much they knew of God, what light they had.

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